Global Accessibility Awareness Day – May 19

May 19th marks the annual Global Accessibility Awareness Day, started five years ago to increase awareness in the digital community through conversation, learning and sharing. The sponsored activities are geared toward authorship such as developers, usability experts and designers on the front line. However, digital accessibility affects everyone. Society has adapted to necessary improvements in our physical environment with American with Disability Act (ADA). The same level of effort must be applied to our digital domain to make accessibility commonplace.

About 15% of the world’s population have a disability, which is defined an impairment, activity limitation or participation restriction. Disability often occurs relative to the context of the environment, so it follows that making a digitally accessible experience also follows a continuum. What works for one segment may exclude another. Technology discriminates and inaccessible experiences cause losses both for consumers and companies. Is your audience missing out?

We know social inclusion is the right thing to do.  Take some time to learn and participate.  Experience accessibility first hand, learn about WCAG 2.0 standards or evaluate your favorite site through the lens of accessibility.

Check out accessibility and inclusive design learning events and meet-ups happening today that are in a city near you.

Keep the momentum going after the day is over. Ask about accessibility policies or standards in your organization, lead the effort to build awareness or start a dialogue with industry experts on where to start.

Share this with your colleagues and post your ideas!

#digitalaccessibility #accessibility #WCAG #ADA #Section508 #WebAccessibility


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